How it Works

The process of lawsuit funding generally involves a funder who advances the cost associated with the litigation of the client in exchange for a recovery in their lawsuits.

The very first step involves, applying for commercial litigating funding, personal injury or lawsuit loans, once a client precisely fills out all the required detail, the funding agency thoroughly reviews the case and ask for additional material or documents necessary for proceeding with the financing.

To get you lawsuit loan, the legal firm does the in-depth analysis of the legal case and determines the risk involved with your attorney. When all the due diligence has been completed, the borrower shall be provided with the “Finance Agreement.” once signed, they get their subsequent cost. We feel fortunate to be called as one of the cheapest and quickest capital providers.

Typically, every case does not qualify for a loan – especially if lawsuit lending company have to take a substantial risk.  It only grants a loan, when they are sure that you will win and pay off the loan back.